How to Survive Summer Holidays With the Kids

We all remember the 6 weeks of blissful freedom as children. When the last day of school was finally over, we tearfully waved goodbye to our friends until next term. What you may not remember so clearly, however, is the boredom that ensues after a few days off. Do more than just survive the season, find out 5 ways to thrive in all the summertime glory.

  • Put them up to tasks that will benefit you too

As cheeky as it sounds, encouraging the kids to do the housework will be a godsend when they’ve wrecked the house with “leisurely activities”. Challenging the little ones to wash the car for example is an enticing way to teach responsibility. You can also try the “999 game,” invent an accident and improvise the steps to take during the emergency, spread knowledge and fun.

  • Take advantage of summer getaway deals

The internet is full of great days out, but make sure to select the child friendly ones. Something interactive like the science museum is the route you want to go down. Getaways or days out need not be expensive when you book in advance, do your research on summer promo deals and start planning any holidays in the winter.

  • The park is your friend

Take advantage of the weather and pull on the purse strings while you’re doing it. As a working parent, unwinding with a picnic might be just what you need. Besides, gen alpha children need to spend more time outdoors, like we did.

  • Set up a craft station

You don’t have to turn the living room into a bombsite in order to let the kids be creative in your home. All it takes is some newspaper, stationary, card paper and some stickers (or paint if you’re feeling brave). Keep all of this in a well cleared area, make sure the kids are supervised and voila! You’ll have an abundance of cute kiddy gifts.

  • Juggle childcare arrangements and give yourself a break

It’s easy to get swept up as a parent but your mental health matters too. If your children attend activities like scouts or brownies, there’s a chance a summer camping trip may be on the cards. Alternatively, day camps, buddying up with other parents, and saving leave for the summer will all be a great help. Make sure you plan alone time accordingly and utilise it to the fullest.


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